What was the most productive team/staff you worked with?

Think about your best, most productive team/staff experience.  What defined the team? How many of these factors applied?

– had common goals

– the results were more important than who received the credit

-staff cared about the well-being of each other

-they were friends

-there was humour

– staff worked in and outside their job description

– staff had decision-making power and influence on other decisions

– change was embraced as necessary to meet needs of community

-what the organization was doing was more important than the organization itself

– less rules and more expectations

Is this situation created or does it happen naturally when team members have certain characteristics????

What do you think???

Improving Human Capital- Freedom to Thrive

3 ways to start the staff development process:

1. Ask staff to do a personal reflection on their beliefs about themselves and their work.

2.Provide an opportunity to share and question current individual beliefs especially those beliefs that limit progress and success.

3. Discuss how to create new beliefs that promote success and freedom to thrive.

Others have expectations of you – low ones and high ones! What do you expect of yourself??

Do SMART goals limit the excitement of setting a goal?

As a skeptic of SMART goals, I was researching the topic.  SMART goals, I believe play it much to safe.  Was the goal of flying a plane or creating Disney World a SMART goal??

Check out this article:



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