Youth “at-risk” have entrepreneurial skills!

I believe many youth who have been labelled “at-risk” often have skills and knowledge that may position them to be successful entrepreneurs. Successful entrepreneurs often have the following attributes or skills:

1. They take risks.

2.  They have a keen sense of people and can assess the motives or intentions of people very quickly.

3. They can identify opportunities and initiate a plan of action.

4. They have a clear vision of what is fair and what is not.

5. They thrive in self-directed activities and oppose being managed.

6. They are loyal to those who support them.

7. They are independent thinkers.

8. They have survival skills that enable them not to give up during challenging times.

9. They have leadership skills.

Why don’t we develop more entrepreneurial programs as part of our education system? What do you think?

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