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The Steeper Climb Education Program


A self-directed automated program aimed at providing participants with knowledge, skills, and tools necessary to set and reach goals. The 3 modules include 11 instructional and motivational videos with follow-up activities and assignments. The modules are entitled:
Preparing for the Climb – focus is on self-reflection and knowing yourself
Planning the Climb – focus on Goal setting and action plans
The Climb – focus on what it takes to reach success
Who should enrol in this program? – youth or adults who are ready to set goals and make changes in their lives. Certificates provided.

The Steeper Climb Pre-Employment Training for Success in the Workplace

2-5 Days
This program focuses on practical skills, professionalism, and the development of learning plans for success in the workplace. The training is interactive, hands-on, self-reflective, and participant-centred.

Who should take this training?

Youth or Adults planning to enter the workforce or currently in the workforce and interested in increased success

The Steeper Climb Self-Reflection & Goal Setting Workshop

2 Days

Interactive workshop that provides information, tools, and strategies for personal growth & development. This training is interactive, participant- centred, hands-on, includes self-reflection tools and goal setting strategies for success.

Who should take this training?
Youth or Adults who want to make changes in their lives.

Self -Empowerment and Self- Sufficiency Workshop for Youth and Adults

2-5 Days

Interactive workshop geared to challenging self-limiting beliefs and providing
information and tools for self-empowerment and the confidence for self-sufficiency. This training is participant-centred, focussed on skill enhancement, increasing awareness of the power of self-belief, decision-making, healthy risk-taking, and providing tools for self-empowerment and self-sufficiency.

Who should take this training?
Youth or Adults who want to direct their lives and achieve success.

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