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Nancy MacLeod

Nancy MacLeod is the founder of The Steeper Climb, a business dedicated to the empowerment and personal growth of individuals. Nancy develops and delivers (on-line or in-person) educational programming, training sessions and workshops designed to support individuals (youth and adults) through self-reflection and goal setting. Nancy has over 30 years of experience as an educator and administrator. Nancy’s approach to supporting individuals in personal growth has been strongly influenced by her keen interest and personal study of the power of the mind and the importance of self-belief. Nancy has a Bachelor of Education and a Master of Education in Curriculum Studies.

What Is The Steeper Climb?

The Steeper Climb is more than the name of a business and its programs. The Steeper Climb describes the approach of the training programs – the climb is your journey to success and goal achievement. Steeper describes the challenge, the effort, the risk to go outside your comfort zone and be the best you can be

How Does The Steeper Climb Work?

The Steeper Climb provides training so that when you go on your journey (your steeper climb) you have information, knowledge, and tools to reach your goal. You will learn about yourself, the impact of your habits and beliefs, how to set goals, decision-making, strategies for success, and more.

Why is it named “The Steeper Climb”

The Steeper Climb is more than the name of a business. The logo illustrates a concept that promotes personal empowerment and encourages individuals to challenge themselves, practise self-belief and go for the steeper climb. The Steeper Climb begins with providing participants with self-reflection tools to increase self-awareness as we must know more about ourselves before we can plot our steeper climb to the goals we desire.

How can I help
you? Are you ready?

  • Have you thought about making a change in your life?
  • Have you ever thought that success was meant for others, but not you?
  • Do you ever wonder if there is something else out there for you?
  • Did you ever dream of achieving something and give up too easily?
  • What do you really want?
  • Are you ready to learn how to set and reach goals?

How The Steeper Climb Works

If you are an individual interested in registering for The Steeper Climb Online Education program
If you are a professional working with an organization whose mandate includes education, empowerment, personal growth and development of your clients, staff or students, and you are interested in accessing The Steeper Climb Educational Services:

Please fill out the contact form and you will be contacted by The Steeper Climb within 24 hours.

Check out the Training Programs Page for more info on what’s available.