Why Create New Education Models?

  1. New education models may be able to more easily adapt to changes in society.
  2. Choice in types of schools based on alternative models promotes diversity in approaches to education.
  3. Historically and in many cases those who are most successful in public schools are most reflected in the curriculum in terms of content and strategy. Specifically, those who create curriculum  do so from their own respective perspectives and so their descendants will thrive in this system.
  4. Many different cultural values and priorities can be reflected in curriculum that is not ethnocentric.
  5. It is often easier to create new models than focus on trying to change an existing model that is fundamentally inflexible.
  6. If significant numbers of certain groups of students are not achieving success, then the model needs to be examined.
  7. Current systems promote conformity and outdated expectations of citizenship.
  8. Change and choice are positive!canstockphoto21744414

By Nancy MacLeod, Executive Director

The Steeper Climb Community Development Services

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