About Nancy


Nancy J. MacLeod, Executive Director

Nancy MacLeod has worked as an educator for more than 25 years. She has an Associate in Education Diploma from the Nova Scotia Teacher’s College, a Bachelor of Education and Master of Education from Mount St. Vincent University.

Nancy’s work has been primarily with First Nation schools in Canada. She has worked as a teacher, vice-principal, principal, and director of education. Her teaching has included elementary, middle school, high school, adult education, and alternative education. Being the member of two separate teams that established alternative community high schools is part of her experience.

Working with youth, adults and communities to help facilitate progress and growth is Nancy’s main work.  She works with communities that are interested in accessing funding and also provides training in various capacity building areas. (see section on Services)

Nancy has a strong professional interest is programming for youth in high-risk situations. Her specific work in this area includes: developing holistic education programs for youth at risk, school attendance and retention plans for youth at-risk, developing funding proposals for holistic programming for youth at –risk, developing an entrepreneurial school program for youth at risk, and developing educational programs for youth who have left (dropped out) of school.

It is Nancy’s work with youth in high-risk situations that led her to start her business known as the: The Steeper Climb Community Development Services. The meaning behind the title is that “yes, everyone can reach their goals, but it is a steeper climb for some than others.” Nancy J. MacLeod


Grace Fitzgerald is an employee who works as a consultant on children’s programming.  She writes books, creates illustrations, and adds a new perspective to resources for children.  Her work is being used to develop programming for children that is focused on goal setting, problem solving, and personal empowerment.


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