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The Steeper Climb Education Program

This program includes Information, tools, and strategies.

Approach – self-directed, online, video by facilitator use of google slides with voice over using screencastify program

Methodology – self-directed questions, presentation, modules contain videos, workshops are to be completed in order within each module. E-certificate available for download upon completion.

Directions: The Steeper Climb Education Program consists of 3 modules with a total of 11 video workshops. There are 2 video workshops in Module 1 (Preparing for the Climb), 5 video workshops in Module 2 (Planning the Climb) and 4 video workshops in Module 3 (The Climb). Several video workshops have a downloadable pdf for you to write your responses. Your responses are for your own use and are not saved by The Steeper Climb or required to be submitted to The Steeper Climb. Please use “save as” to save each one to your device for your records and future usage. There is 1 diagram in pdf which can also be saved to your device. This self-directed program allows for you to work at your own pace. The program will be available to you for 30 days commencing the day you begin.

Course available for 30 days
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